Emil Nemecek

Purification Project lead researcher at GSRP


A man of Slavic descent appearing in his sixties, with graying hair, pale skin tone, and bright blue eyes. Emil is a tall man with a slender build, known for his humble, warm, and gentle demeanor that was at odds with his prodigious intellect and monumental reputation in academic circles.


Sometimes called the “father of biological transhumanism”, Emil Nemecek was a pioneer in manipulating human genetics, known for expanding the frontiers of biotechnology. Eager to personally test the technologies he studied, he had been the recipient of numerous revolutionary telomeric therapies and longevity-enhancing processes, and was well over one hundred years old.

By the time he came to the Vesta Corporation’s research facilities on Illiyun to head the Purification Project, he had already visited a dozen star systems, developed 37 patents, and participated in a diplomatic personnel exchange with the Shen. Eventually, he became one of the defining personalities at the Giulia Sapienti Research Park in the Upper Cataracts.

Dr. Nemecek was recently found dead in the on-campus apartment near his labs, rumored to be the victim of a grisly murder.

Emil Nemecek

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