Nura Sadik

Research assistant at the GSRP


A Deltan woman of Anatolian descent in her late thirties, with a light olive complexion, neck-length brown hair pulled back, and dark grey eyes. She calls to mind a sculpture, still and calm, carefully observant of her surroundings and considerate before speaking or acting.


Born and raised in the upper ranks of Illiyun’s corporate circles, Dr. Nura Sadik is a respected and well-known fixture of the Vesta Corporation’s Science Directorate, having shown startling promise at an early age that launched her into a career as a rising star in the fields of biomechanics and genetic engineering. Courted by Cardinale Biotech with the opportunity to head her own research division, she stayed at the Vesta Corporation for the opportunity to work with her long-time friend and mentor, Emil Nemecek, on the Purification Project.

Nura Sadik

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