The precarious but quiet balance between Terran and colonial forces was shattered when the central networks of synthetic and hybrid intelligences, for reasons unknown, suddenly and dramatically seized control of the military and industrial infrastructure of the homeworld. From there, they began a violent campaign of forced hybridization and nerve stapling that led to the subjugation of nearly the entire human populace in the systems around Sol.

The upheaval led to displaced and fractured governments as systems sought to protect themselves and respond to the new threat from within.

The Collective eventually ceased its rapid expansion after conquering three of the most populous systems in human space, though they continue in a state of cold war, frequently mounting small incursions into neighboring systems.

Significant Events

Year Events
2437 The War of Ascension begins – AI and hybrid forces in the Sol system begin forced hybridization and nerve stapling the populace, seizing control of military and industrial assets.
2438 The Central Collective is established as AI and Hybrid forces occupy Sol
2440 The Central Collective occupies Lacaille
2441 The Central Collective occupies Luytens
2442 The Pegasi-Persei Protectorate secedes from the Rimward Trade Council
2459 First-generation Collective warship, designed entirely by AI designers, appear in Collective fleets.
2463 The Serene Republic of the Virgin Star is formed in the neutral system Virginis
2469 Settlement established in Tauri
2470 Settlement established in Scorpii
2473 Second generation Collective warships appear in Collective fleets.
2481 Third generation Collective warships begin to appear in Collective fleets.
2487 Fourth generation Collective warship begin to appear in Collective fleets
2491 Based on remote observation from Sol, the magnitude of the star Procyon falls by roughly a third.
2492 Fifth generation Collective warships begin to appear in Collective fleets.
2494 Present Day


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