Capital Systems

The Capital Systems are the political, and often economic, cultural, and military centers of the sovereign interstellar nations. They constitute the bulk of human population and activity.


Main Article: Sol

The birthplace of Mankind and the capital of the Central Collective.

Delta Pavonis

Main Article: Delta Pavonis

The new capital of the Federal Commonwealth of Worlds, a heavily populated and trafficked system.


Main Article: Piscium

A high-security system with strong defenses and numerous monitoring stations, the capital of the Pegasi-Persei Protectorate since its secession from the Rimward Trade Council.


Main Article: Virginis

The capital and sole member system of the Serene Enclave of the Virgin Star was for many years a neutral demilitarized zone, until the War of Ascension.

Theta Ursae Majoris

Main Article: Theta Ursae Majoris

A center for trade and travel, this system became the capital of the Rimward Trade Council in the aftermath of the Council’s war against the Federal Commonwealth.

Capital Systems

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