Core Colonies

The Core colonies are those that were settled early in the years of human expansion, and have established population on developed worlds. They typically are centers of commerce and government, and act as hubs of travel and communication.

Commonwealth Core

The Federal Commonwealth has the largest number of developed core colonies among any of the interstellar powers, giving it a well-balanced and resilient economy.

Beta Hydri
Alpha Mensae
Zeta Tucanae
Mu Arae

Collective Core

The Central Collective may be centered around Sol, but both of its outlying colonies are significant systems in their own right, heavily developed with large populations and economies.


Protectorate Core

The Protectorate’s systems are known for being heavily defended, with much industrial activity and concentrated urban areas. The Protectorate is not given to exploration and expansion, so most of its space qualifies as “core space”.

Iota Persei

Council Core

The Rimward Trade Council has many developed worlds but little in the way of a unifying government. Even within its core systems most planets have independent sovereign governments. The Council has the greatest diversity of economic activity, hosting huge dynamic markets as well as a thriving criminal underworld.

Beta Comae Berenices
Beta Canum Venaticorum
Rho Cancri

Core Colonies

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