Modern cultures are descended from waves of human expansion. The isolation of the Long Silence led to diversification in society – the first since the creation of electronic telecommunications began uniting people and ideas all over the world in the 20th century.

Most systems have cultural roots in the regional powers that were dominant on Earth at the time their original colonization missions were launched. Among those, a handful have expanded through the stars to become dominant cultural groups.

Terrans Colonial Minor


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Heirs to the cultural heritage of the original human colonists who spread through the Sol system from Earth, Terrans are the most widespread and populous human culture. Though they once wielded incredible power from their ancient seats on Earth, in the aftermath of the Ascension many have become AI hybrids and citizens of the Central Collective. Those who escaped have become significant minorities across human-settled space, and the Terrans who remain free are today a people looking for home and purpose. Terrans are often descended from wealthy families with access to advanced genetic screening and therapy, though many Terrans are rapidly losing access to their former resources and social status, and younger generations frequently must turn to relatively crude cybernetics.


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Colonial populations developed unique identities during the isolation of the Long Silence, emerging as distinct societies once contact was re-established with the advent of FTL travel and communication. While essentially human in nature, they have unique cultural adaptations, technological paths, and political histories that often place them at odds with Terrans.

Minor Cultures

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Minor cultures are often offshoots of colonial populations that don’t have significant political power or sovereign authority of their own, but nonetheless represent culturally and economically significant population groups in human space. Many exist either in isolated enclaves, or else as widespread diasporas.


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