“A man should suffer greatly for his lord,
Endure both biting cold and sweltering heat
And sacrifice for him both flesh and blood.”

- The Song of Roland, 11th century French epic

Though some say that that corporate interests are merging with the concepts of citizenship and law, no one can deny that the interstellar governments still wield considerable economic, military, and political influence. The largest and most powerful among them control jump beacons in multiple systems, governing the interstellar trade and travel through which everyone else must operate. Though smaller scale governments often answer to interstellar authorities, it is not uncommon for some to have nominal sovereignty and some degree of independence.

Interstellar System Planetary
Federal Commonwealth of Worlds Serene Enclave of the Virgin Star
Central Collective
Pegasi-Persei Protectorate
Rimward Trade Council


Outremer Basileus Basileus