Official Designation: Delta Pavonis II
Type: Arid planet
Terraforming Progress: Advanced
Population: 1.21 billion
Orbital Distance: 0.84 AU
Orbital Period: 301.03 standard days

Capital: Sophia
Major Settlements: Anshan, Liyan

Illiyun is a relatively arid world, though its rough coastlines and seas are frequently lashed by harsh storms. Its landmass consists of a single supercontinent and numerous archipelagos.

The inhabited area lies along the southwestern edge of the supercontinent, between the stark Kotal Mountains and the large chain of tropical islands known as the Little Sisters. Enclosed in this area are the foothills and valleys known as the Predator Gorges and the wide Tabesh Desert. On the other side of the mountains, sprawling across the rest of the massive continent, are the uninhabited Mavat Badlands.


For millennia Illiyun was optimally placed in the system’s habitable zone, and its Earth-like conditions gave rise to a relatively complex ecosystem. However, due to the expansion of the Delta Pavonis star, Illiyun has seen a dramatic rise in global temperatures which killed off much of its biodiversity – by the time the planet was being evaluated for terraforming potential by human scientists, all but the simplest and hardiest of lifeforms were long-extinct.

Initially colonized in 2249, Delta Pavonis has long been considered the shining example of humanity’s most successful extrasolar colony. Illiyun was one of the two colonized planets that garnered the system this reputation, and today is by far the most populous planet in the system – perhaps the most populous outside of Earth – though it is not the political capital of the system or the Federal Commonwealth.

For most of its history, Illiyun has been dominated by Deltan and Sekan cultures, and many of its Sekan inhabitants still resent the Commonwealth government and the influx of outsiders on their planet. During The Long SIlence, Anshan and Liyan were regional and cultural capitals, but with the arrival of the Federal Commonwealth during the Reconquista, Sophia became the official planetary capital and site of the Governor’s Compound.


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