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English Portuguese Shen Language
Arabic Russian

Standard Languages

In Delta Pavonis, primary English and Arabic speakers far outnumber any other language. Public documentation, signs, and advertisement are commonly presented in both of these languages, and those who aren’t primary speakers frequently learn one of these two as a secondary language.

Standard languages are modern, globalized forms of ancient Earth languages, though frequently local populations will have unique accents or even mutually intelligible dialects.

Auxiliary Languages

The auxiliary languages are common throughout human space and are dominant in other colonies. In the Delta Pavonis system, they are commonly spoken as secondary languages, or by merchants and travelers. They are also the primary languages of significant minority populations.

Specialist Languages

Specialist languages are not widespread anywhere in human space. They may be spoken as primary languages by isolated communities in Delta Pavonis and nearby systems, or else as secondary languages by those with a particular interest or occupation.


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