At the western end of the city, on either side of the Andakha River, Nysa sprouted up around the growing spaceport. Filled with constant movement and itinerant visitors, it became known for its bustling markets, variety of hotels and entertainment, and organized criminal underworld. Nysa is the gateway between Sophia and both the interstellar community and the rest of the planet.



Main Article: Neo-Majestique

A resort, hotel, and convention center that caters entertainment and luxury to the wealthy. While itself a safe and highly secure site with facilities available for both public and private functions, the Neo-Majestique is only blocks away from some of Nysa’s seedier areas – red light districts, nano-narco dens, and worse. It is the perfect place to conduct business for those seeking the appearance of wealth and respectability while maintaining easy access to the city’s underworld.


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