Enabled by the emerging prevalence of FTL travel, the Reconquista was not so much a campaign of military conquest (though it had its share of conflicts). Rather, the Reconquista was more of a cultural movement, the reunification of humanity as Terrans re-established contact with distant colonies that had been separated by distance and long years.

The Terran-dominated Federal Commonwealth attempted its expansion during this period, though it met resistance in Spinward and Rimward space, eventually uniting resistance movements under the banner of the Rimward Trade Council.

Significant Events

Year Events
2353 The Federal Commonwealth attempts to annex Beta Comae Berenices, sparking a war with Beta Canum Venaticorum
2356 Iota Pegasi, Piscium, Iota Persei, and Lyncis join the war alongside Beta Canum Venaticorum and Beta Comae Berenices.
2357 Formation of the Rimward Trade Council
2364 Virginis is established as a buffer zone between the Commonwealth and the Council.
2408 Settlement established in Theta Ursae Majoris
2409 The capital of the Rimward Trade Council is moved from Iota Pegasi to Theta Ursae Majoris
2424 Settlement established in Rho Cancri
2431 Settlement established in Mu Arae
2436 The Nergal Incident – A Council warship exploring a newly discovered fringe system connected to Rho Cancri is lost – reports of the incidents are classified.


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