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The Council was formed in 2357 by independent governments in the Spinward and Rimward system attempting to resist the rising tide of Terran culture and to protect their economic independence from the Federal Commonwealth. Though the Terran Reconquista had not been a violent conflict but rather a process of cultural reintegration, it gave way to war.

The Council has been largely peaceful since its inception, until forces from Sol once again threatened the stability of their space when the Central Collective began a violent campaign that would become known as the War of Ascension. While the Spinward systems were relatively unaffected, fighting alongside the failing Commonwealth military to hold the Collective in Virginis, the Rimward systems were heavily pressed. Feeling abandoned by the rest of the Council and rallying around a common desire for security and safety in the face of the Collective threat, several of the Council’s system seceded to form the Pegasi-Persei Protectorate, making the Council’s name something of a misnomer.

Politics and Diplomacy

The Council is an economic union of largely independent planetary and system governments that prioritizes economic freedom and development and preserving cultural diversity. The Council has little in the way of national policies or organizations, leaving colonies to the governance of local administration.

Though originally born out of a conflict with the Federal Commonwealth, they are today nominally at peace – largely because they have no direct borders. The Serene Enclave of the Virgin Star is a close ally and trading partner of the Council, having benefited from military assistance lent by the Council during the Ascension.

The Council has cold relations with the Protectorate, that government having seceded from the Council within living memory, though many feel that the secession was justified.

The Council is largely isolated from the Central Collective today, with no direct links between their systems. Like most people, their citizens view the Collective with suspicion, but there is little interaction.

Rimward Trade Council

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