Below is an index of example stunts.

As normal in Fate Core, players may use existing stunts or invent new ones for their characters.

Types of Stunts

The most common stunts give a moderate (+2) bonus to rolls under a specific set of circumstances or to a specific application of a skill. More rarely, stunts may allow use of a skill in place of another skill. A few stunts allow a character to break the rules in some small way.

Most stunts are tied to skills and are taken as part of character creation or advancement. Characters may also gain the use of stunts from augmentation, such as genetic enhancements, cybernetic implants, or nanotech colonies. Finally, equipment and vehicles frequently grant access to a stunt for the user.

Skill Stunts

Stunt Type Description
Medic Academics You are formally trained to treat injury and illness.
Scientist Academics You have advanced formal education in scientific theory and process.
Literate Academics You are well-read, with exceptional knowledge of history and the arts.
Agility Athletics Your balance and coordination help you avoid attacks.
Dodger Athletics You excel at dodging ranged attacks and taking advantage of cover.
Swift Athletics You are fast and maneuverable on your feet.
Acrobatic Athletics You are skilled at jumping, falling, and generally tumbling around to get to places others cannot.
Retaliation Athletics When you dodge an opponent, you are quick enough to put them off balance and strike back.
Bypass Expert Computers You have advanced means to pierce systems that have been secured against intrusion.
Technician Computers You know how to repair and troubleshoot hardware and software.
Netrunner Computers You move quickly and quietly through networks to find information and vulnerabilities.
Rumormonger Contacts You have a gift for spreading vicious rumors about others.
Reputation Contacts Your reputation is enough to inspire fear, respect, or obedience.
Authority Contacts You have formal authority within an organization to make requests or give orders.
Lies Upon Lies Deceive Once someone has believed one of your lies, they are susceptible to falling for even more of your deception.
Webweaver Deceive Having already spread lies and rumors around social circles, the target is more likely to believe your current lies.
Mind Games Deceive You can make up clever lies that cause emotional and social harm to a target
Speed Demon Drive You thrive on high speed chases and racing.
Stunt Driver Drive You know how to successfully make complicated or risky maneuvers.
Armored Advance Drive You are trained to take your vehicle into dangerous situations without being distracted or deterred.
Truthseeker Empathy You are exceptionally good at detecting lies.
Nose For Trouble Empathy You can sense when someone means you harm or when a social encounter is about to turn violent.
Counselor Empathy You help others recover from mental and emotional trauma.
Sensitivity Empathy You know how people will react and how to elicit the responses you are looking for.
Better Than New Engineering You tend to improve objects and machines when you repair or work on them.
Tinkerer Engineering You are skilled with small equipment such as weapons, armor, and personal devices.
Mechanic Engineering You are skilled with vehicles and spacecraft.
Executioner Fight You inflict deadly and decisive blows in melee combat.
Reflex Fighter Fight You are good at striking back at targets that surprise you or move at high speed.
Duelist Fight You fight with precision and focus so long as you are not distracted by multiple threats.
Student Of Behavior Investigate You discover deception and emotions through careful observation.
Deduction Investigate You can discover details or reconstruct complex scenarios based on the evidence left behind.
Recon Investigate You reveal details about an enemy through surveillance.
Wary Perception You seem to react to danger almost before it strikes.
Body Language Perception You learn about a target’s intent or emotions by studying their body language.
Night Sight Perception You naturally have near perfect vision in darkness and shadow.
Charger Physique You charge with speed and momentum, breaking defenses and knocking down foes.
Laborer Physique You are accustomed to hard labor and can easily move and carry items of great weight and bulk.
Resilient Physique You resist disease, poison, and harmful environmental effects.
Brutality Physique Through martial arts training or natural talent, you inflict grievous wounds with your bare hands.
Ace Pilot You are an excellent pilot in a strike craft, gunship, or similar small vessel.
Stunt Pilot Pilot You excel at piloting a vessel through dangerous or difficult maneuvers.
Evasive Pilot You easily dodge weapons fire and other dangers when piloting a vessel.
Intimidation Provoke Your threats inspire fear and obedience in others.
Armor of Fear Provoke Foes shy away from coming close enough to attack you.
Taunt Provoke You can drive another to attack you or draw their attention away from someone else.
Leadership Rapport You are exceptionally good at inspiring others with brave words and deeds.
Silver Tongue Rapport You are extremely persuasive as long as the target has no reason to distrust you.
Famous Rapport Your notoriety and good reputation can open doors and earn favors.
Money Talks Resources You throw around a bit of cash to make friends and get what you want.
Management Resources You hire others to do your dirty work.
Requisition Resources You can acquire items and equipment through an organization you belong to.
Holdout Weapon Shoot When disarmed or out of ammunition, you seem to have another weapon instantly at the ready.
Quick Draw Shoot You surprise targets and get the drop on them in combat, or quickly return fire when ambushed.
Sharpshooter Shoot You excel at hitting small, moving, or difficult targets with a ranged weapon.
Uncanny Accuracy Shoot You aim with a patient mind, sharp eye, and steady hand.
Vanish Stealth Creating or taking advantage of a distraction, you can seemingly vanish into thin air.
Slippery Target Stealth You are difficult to hit in areas of darkness or shadow.
Backstab Stealth You can make swift and devastating attacks against unaware targets.
Camouflage Stealth You are particularly good at remaining unseen in wilderness environments.
Mind Over Matter Will You resist physical ailments through sheer force of will.
Indomitable Will You resist fear and intimidation.
Discipline Will You resist vice, temptation, and tricks.

Augmentation Stunts

Stunt Type Description
Artificial Immuno-Supplement Nanotech These medical nanites float through the blood and bone marrow, assisting the body’s natural defenses and suppressing symptoms of illness.
Dermal Nanoplastic Seal Nanotech A simple, flexible nanoweave is embedded in the user’s skin that is resistant to chemical irritants and physical damage.
Sensory Enhancement Nanotech These nanomachines attach themselves to the sensory organs and neural tissues and attempt to repair any damage or disruption.
Wireless Neural Interface Nanotech These nanomachines attach themselves to the language centers of the brain and allow the user to wirelessly connect to information and communication networks around them.
Awakening-series Analytic Processor Cybertech The Analytic Processor allows the owner to utilize machine efficiency for mental tasks that involve calculation and examination of raw data, with a direct mental link eliminating the need for a cumbersome user interface.
Oracle-series Perception Filter Cybertech Attached to nerve clusters in the existing senses, the Perception Filter uses heuristic algorithms to filter out unimportant sensory data and allow the brain to devote more attention to things of note.
Impulse-series Artificial Musculature Cybertech An array of skeletal reinforcement and embedded carbon-fiber weave, Artificial Musculature acts as a multiplier of physical strength.
Harmony-series Neural-adrenal Accelerator Cybertech A series of implants in and around endocrine glands and nerve clusters responsible for muscle control, the Neural-adrenal Accelerator allows for a more rapid and precise movement.
Immortal-series Cardio-metabolic Regulator Cybertech The Cardio-metabolic Regulator controls the hormonal levels and stabilizes the activity of vital organs such as the heart and lungs, allowing physical activity to be sustained over longer periods and through harsher conditions.
Logos-series Hormonal Inhibitor Cybertech The Hormonal Inhibitor minimizes emotional and instinctive reactions and allows the brain to operate with clarity and reason.
Titan-series Subdermal Fortification Cybertech Layers of carbon-fiber mesh and flexible ballistic plating protect joints, vital organs, and other sensitive areas of the body.
Caduceus-series Biomonitor Cybertech A Biomonitor is an advanced implant that monitors vital signs, blood chemistry, and other indicators of health. It also has small doses of painkillers, antibiotics, and various treatments that can assist in stabilizing wounds.
Arc-series Stun Module Cybertech The Stun Module is intended to be a personal defense tool. When activated it releases an electrical charge through probes mounted in the hands and forearms.
Sibylline-series Multispectral Imager Cybertech The Multispectral Imager replaces one or both eyes, and processes a wide range or stimuli beyond the normal visual spectrum.
Stinger-series Concealable Blade Cybertech Consisting of one or more blades embedded underneath the skin and specially mounted to the bearer’s body, the Concealable Blade is a hidden weapon that can be reflexively extended from the bearer’s body.
Aegis-series Hardening Module Cybertech The Hardening Module is useful protection for those who expect themselves or their cybernetic implants to be compromised or stressed, such as under battlefield conditions.
Angiogenetic Vigor Biotech Your heart and blood vessels are designed to function at peak efficiency under stress.
Healing Factor Biotech Your body quickly begins to heal thanks to a hypersensitivity to growth factors such as somatropin and enhanced thrombocytes.
Adaptive Immune System Biotech Your body produces specially designed leukocytes, phagocytes, and antibodies that efficiently resist and adapt to disease and infection.
Toxin Resistance Biotech With chemically resistant myelin and respiratory discriminants, you are naturally resistant to toxins, poisons, and similar harmful materials.
Respiratory Enhancement Biotech The alveoli in your lungs are saturated with high concentrations of haemoglobin, enabling you to breathe more slowly and hold your breath longer.
Clinical Immortality Biotech Thanks to telomeric sequencing and other medical therapies, you age at a fraction of the normal rate. You are much older than you look and have a wealth of knowledge and personal experience.
Neurosensory Acuity Biotech The nerves and portions of your brain dedicated to processing sensory data have been stimulated to overdevelop, making you much more sensitive to the environment around you.
Metabolic Cannibalism Mutation The Xenoviridae infection is able to rapidly consume tissue from other creatures of the host’s species in order to repair itself or its host.
Xenoglobin Adaptation Mutation Alien fibers invade the blood and muscles and flood it with a hyper-reactive alien protein that increases strength and endurance while under stress..
Chitinous Growth Mutation Primitive structures of bone, muscle, and sinew burst forth from the host’s body.
Fibrous Flesh Mutation Tough sheaths of alien biological fiber cover the host’s body, protecting vital organs from harm.
Pathogenic Cysts Mutation Alien glands form throughout the host’s body, saturating it with infectious agents.
Homeostatic Reconstitution Mutation Alien tissues integrate with most vital functions, allowing them to support or even rapidly replace the host’s failing organs.
Fibroblast Membrane Mutation A thin layer of regenerative cells spreads underneath the skin or carapace, concentrating around sites of injury.
Agonistic Electroreception Mutation Sensitive electrocytes develop along the host’s neural pathways, allowing it to detect and track living organisms and powered machines without the aid of other senses.
Dominance Electrotransmission Mutation Powerful electrocyte clusters in the cerebrum allow the host to influence thoughts and emotions from a distance.

Equipment Stunts

Stunt Type Description


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