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Terrans are perhaps the single most populous human culture, though they are today so spread out across the colonies that they are usually only a significant minority in any given community. The greatest concentration of Terrans is found in the oldest colonies within the Federal Commonwealth.

Culture and Subcultures

Terrans are the most likely to preserve traditional aspects of Earth culture, identifying with ancient Earth cultures and homelands.


Main Article: Restoration Movement

The Terran Restoration movement is popular among the Commonwealth upper class, having grown in the decades since Sol was cut off by AI forces. Members typically wear simple clothing in natural colors, while their homes are usually decorated heavily with natural stone, water features, and vines and ivy of Terran stock. Their musical tastes tend toward “Old World” pieces. While genetic and cybernetic modification is commonplace, it usually has minimal obvious physical impact, instead preserving or perfecting the “natural” human appearance.


Main Article: Hellions

Some Terrans forced out of Sol and the central colonies found themselves dispossessed of their former wealth and status. With limited resources, many turned to crime, giving rise to a new subculture on developed worlds where large numbers of displaced Terran refugees formed organized gangs and “families”. Hellions are among the poorer segments of society, but have a tradition of Terran pride and loyalty to each other. Hellion gangs and families are characterized by rampant body modification, including everything from cybernetics to simple tattoos.

Hybrid Elite

Main Article: AI Hybrids

Many Terrans prior to the Ascension underwent hybridization, primarily due to for career advancement, and after the Ascension even more were forcefully hybridized. Thanks to advanced technology and an automated economy, most Terrans living in the Collective have a relatively high standard of living. Even those few living in other regions of space typically have enough personal augmentation and/or wealth and status to live with some degree of luxury, despite the general resentment that most people feel toward them. Hybrids are particularly hated by other Terrans.


Main Article: Corporatists

For a majority of Terrans, the best way to preserve their status and wealth was to cling to the corporations that were least affected by the Ascension. Many Terrans are devoted employees, with greater loyalties to their employers than any government or national identity.


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