Urania's Mirror


Urania, o’er her star-bespangled lyre,
With touch of majesty diffused her soul;
A thousand tones, that in the breast inspire,
Exalted feelings, o’er the wires’gan roll—
How at the call of Jove the mist unfurled,
And o’er the swelling vault—the glowing sky,
The new-born stars hung out their lamps on high,
And rolled their mighty orbs to music’s sweetest sound.

—From An Ode To Music by James G. Percival, inscribed on a plaque displayed in the bridge.

Class: Valkyrie-class Corvette, Modified


High Concept: Odd-Job Ship-for-Hire
Trouble: Three Years of Neglect
Additional: Home of Raize Darkstone and Zhair Blanc.


Atmospheric Thrusters | Unlike many vessels of escort size and larger, Urania’s Mirror is capable of atmospheric entry and maneuvering, and is not dependent on shuttles to ferry personnel and material between orbit and a planet’s surface.

“Luminal”-series Particle Lance | Luminal lances project high-energy particles that transfer intense heat into the target. Attack action with Computers, deals Stress to the Hull track, and when you Succeed with Style you may Create an Advantage (in place of gaining a boost) to create an “Overheated” or “On Fire” Aspect.

“Paralytic”-series Directed Pulse Generator | First developed by the Enclave Military as a weapon for fielding against the Central Collective, and later adapted for additional use by other powers, Paralytic pulse weapons generate a localized electromagnetic pulse capable of temporarily disrupting or disabling nearby hostile vessels. Attack with Engineering, target all enemy targets within the same Zone as Urania’s Mirror, deals Stress to the Systems track, and when you Succeed with Style the target must succeed on a Fair (+ 2) Engineering Overcome action to move or act during the next exchange.

Multi-Spectral Hull Shielding | Acts as Armor Rating 2 against EM and Pulse weaponry, but at a trade-off: the Hull is weaker overall compared to models of Corvette-class ships without this feature (-1 to Hull Track).

Stress and Consequences

Hull: 2
Systems: 3


Urania's Mirror

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