Vesta Corporation

Vesta CorporationThe Vesta Corporation is an interstellar corporation that operates in several star systems throughout human-inhabited space, involved in numerous industries from food production to private security to industrial fabrication, either directly or through subsidiary companies. With its assets and operations spread out through numerous nations, and a vast army of lobbyists and lawyers, the Vesta corporation is of a breed of corporations sometimes called “megacorporations”, who dominate markets and generally act as small governments unto themselves.

The Vesta Corporation began as a mining interest in the early days of human space travel, with its primary operations based on the asteroid 4 Vesta in the Sol system.


The Vesta Corporation has numerous divisions operating in multiple systems, to say nothing of their subsidiary corporations. However, a handful are particularly high profile.

Operations Directorate

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While not a direct revenue-generating arm of the company, the Operations Directorate is an essential part of every branch of Vesta. It is responsible for organizing transportation, operating costs of buildings and utilities, payroll and employee management, and numerous other functions that are individually minor but keep the company’s facilities and personnel productive.

Science Directorate

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The Science Directorate is dominated by research and development teams, often working on bringing new and improved products to consumer markets, or else in contracts with government agencies to develop advanced technologies. The Science Directorate is also known for its partnerships with well-respected academic institutions, ostensibly in the pursuit of pure knowledge though it frequently uses these programs to scout for outside talent.

Security Directorate

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The Security Directorate is a relatively small division, though it manages a variety of smaller contractors. Its internal staff provide corporate security for sites owned and operated by Vesta, while subsidiaries specialize in private security and paramilitary services for hire to outside parties. It is exclusively service-oriented and does not engage in production or sale of any weapons or technology.

Special Projects Division

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Special Projects is a flexible, ill-defined division that operates under the direct supervision of executive-level management. Individual teams of specialists are assembled as needed to meet goals defined by the Executive Board. Officially, the Special Projects Division has an open-ended budget and is only permanently staffed by a scattered handful of administrative assistants. Most “special projects” are sensitive in nature and are obfuscated by layers of secrecy and separation of duties – those employed by the division frequently don’t know the full scope of the project or even how their own tasks figure into it.

Vesta Corporation

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