Corazon Salvaje

Gentalhan military commander of the Protectorate embassy


Daughter of the late Rear Admiral Anton Salvaje, Corazon was born into a Gentalha family tradition of military service going back generations to the foundation of the Rimward Trade Council in the mid-24th century. Born at the height of the War of Ascension, her parents always called her a “child of the Protectorate” because she was born in the same year that the Protectorate systems seceded. A dark beauty whose Mediterranean appearance speaks to ancestry on Earth’s Iberian Peninsula, Corazon’s influential military family afforded her designer genetics, and her distinguished military career earned her several rounds of rejuvenating telomeric therapy – meaning that like most of the wealthy and powerful she appears to be in her twenties or thirties despite the fact that she is in her fourth decade as a career soldier (putting her age somewhere in the late 50s or early 60s).

During her second tour, while serving in the Protectorate Marines’ 23rd Flying Tigers at the rank of Captain, Corazon’s unit was stationed on the ocean world Neritum in the Piscium star system. While stationed on a deep-sea research and development station she was diagnosed by the unit’s medic as testing positive for the Xenoviridae virus. As an XV-positive she faced an uphill battle against popular opinion, though her exemplary service record and performance reviews earned her the protection of her immediate superiors and respect of her peers. The virus cannot be permanently cured; however, thanks to an early and continual regimen of experimental XV-suppressors such as ExVexa, Corazon has avoided many of the complications caused by Xenoviridae, such as mutation and genetic damage.

Protectorate citizens in foreign systems frequently face accusations of spreading the XV virus, and with a large Protectorate embassy in Sophia, Corazon was seen as a perfect fit by the Protectorate’s High Command, gifted with both leadership and a personal knowledge of the issues that many Protectorate citizens face. So, four years ago Corazon was promoted to the rank of Colonel (the highest non-flag officer rank in the Protectorate Marines) and assigned command of the Protectorate embassy in Sophia. In addition to the embassy’s brigade of marines, the Colonel also commands the frigate PNF Misericordia in orbit, captained by Captain Pavel Valerii.

Corazon Salvaje

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