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Troubled Waters

Nawahune shows his wares, Alda shows off hers.

Working as an Organo-netics consultant with the Vesta Corporation, Nawahune Bengwe was showing a potential buyer/investor, the CEO of Ma Xin Holdings, the properties of bonding a neurokinetic wyrm to the neurocortex of a man, mixed with bilateral exo-implants of two brachioherculean slugs on each arm. The process only took a moment for the Ma Xin volunteer (fathoms faster than traditional cybernetics…and the subject gets to keep his own arms!), though a bit painful as the organo-symbiotic creatures embed micro-rhizomes into the skin, connecting to his neural network and vascular systems. Once properly embedded, the Ma Xin demonstrated his sheer strength lifting up the back of their black limo with ease. At that moment, the CEO ordered his men to pull guns on Nawahune! They weren’t a holdings company at all! Just a bunch of thugs led by a Yakuza!

Suddenly, Nawahune’s gentle demeanor turned into a raging storm. With his own great strength, he kicked over the heavy metal table that served as the “operation table”, and dove behind it, while bullets started flying over his head…

Aspect: Covered in CommensalistIc Chiton-Based Creatures

…High pitched “tings” and “tangs” rang through the air as bullets hammered the table that served as Nawahune’s cover. The large Shen frantically looked about for an escape route, but only saw the ground around him lit up with sparks from Yakuza bullets. Feeling invincible from his new enhancements, the Ma Xin strode forward and lifted the table over his head. The barrage lightened as he stepped in the line of fire, but cover fire kept Nawahune pinned down.

“Thank you for your contribution to the Yakuza, Whale,” the Ma Xin said, spitting the racial slur used for the Shen throughout Illiyun, “but your services are no longer needed.” The newly-enhanced human’s face grew angry and he flexed his muscles, preparing to slam the table down on the prone Shen.

Suddenly, crimson bursts of blood, followed by the cracks of a high-powered rifle, exploded from the chest of the Ma Xin, who looked down in shock at the unexpected wounds before dropping the table and falling lifeless to the ground. Sprays of bullets blanketed the area ahead of Nawahune, pinning down and scattering the armed assailants. Spinning disks flew in and activated with a high-pitched whine, creating a wall of static and obscuring their view of the Shen.

The sniper lowered her TX-245 Charon Gauss Rifle and rushed in to Nawahune, waving support agents in to cover positions as she approached the Shen. ’’Mr. Bengwe, I’m Agent Vitrionne. If you’ll follow us, we’ll get you to safety.”

Aspect: Alda Has Nawahune Covered

Slade Wilson’s Entrance below ….


Xtremetko its all geared for a serious rumble. You can have Slade finish off the entire scene if you’d like. Don’t forget to include one of you unused Cross-Over Aspects to be highlighted in the story.

Troubled Waters
Basileus Maesenko

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