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  • Alda Vitrionne

    Alda never knew her parents. A child of the “system” Alda grew up in orphanages and foster homes. She was a loner nearly everywhere she went and grew to depend solely upon herself. Often the target of bullying, Alda found the best strategy was to hit …

  • Tumbrel42

    Tumbrel42 was your bog standard, run of the mill, bulk cargo loader for a large shipping company. Very dull, and kinda simple. During a cargo run to who knows what planet or system, the ship that Tumbrel was assigned to was struck by what everyone …

  • Slade Wilson

    There is a time in every persons life when one has to contemplate there own demise… Its a serious question for as much as you think your ideas have a purpose, you realize that you, yourself, will inevitably die. How much good or evil can you …

  • Nawahune Bengwe


    "Cards in Hand"
    In Character Knowledge: Known Aspects of NPC
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    Raize Darkstone

    *Raize Darkstone* was born to a small [[Sekan]] Clan in the Lower Cataracts in the city of [[Sophia]] on the planet of [[Illiyun]]. For fourteen years, he was raised communally with the other minors of his community, taught the basic education to which …

  • MSG Theodore Kunkle Ragnvald Wölfner

    You would think Wölfner came from at least upper middle class society, with all the complex names, but it is actually the opposite. He was abandoned or discarded at a very young age (He can't really remember). Even though he was very young, he was …