Escort Ships

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escort.jpgEscort craft are moderately sized ships capable of FTL travel that act in support of a fleet or task force. They have crews of dozens or hundreds and are frequently specialized in a particular function necessary to their fleet’s operations. Escort craft form the bulk of a naval force’s staying power and deployment flexibility.

Destroyer Classes

The largest types of escort craft are known as destroyers, designed with the specific task of defending capital ships and efficiently hunting down ships of escort or capital size. They are heavily armed and armored, with weapons designed to disable and damage large targets. Destroyers are also the only escort craft large enough to effectively engage in bombardment of planetoids or fortified stations.


Frigate Classes

Frigate classes are mid-size escort craft designed with for long-term deployment with minimal support and maximum staying power. Though frequently under-gunned for ships of their size, they make up for it by supporting specialized, long-range tasks and staying in the field for extended periods. The smallest task forces sometimes use frigates as pseudo-capital ships, while other frigate are designed for electronic warfare, occupation support, or convoy escort.


Corvette Classes

Corvettes are the smallest escort vessels, designed with maneuverability and speed in mind. Corvettes have little staying power, but are capable of moving firepower or manpower where it is needed at high speeds. Corvettes are also suitable for patrol or for quick attacks and harassment. Some corvettes are capable of both FTL travel and atmospheric flight, making them versatile ships beloved by corporate and private interests who cannot support entire fleets or task forces.


Escort Ships

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