Federal Commonwealth of Worlds

Systems Organizations
Delta Pavonis Federal Security Service
Zeta Tucanae Federal Naval Commission
Beta Hydri
Alpha Mensae
Mu Arae


Founded in 2326 shortly after Faster-Than-Light technology enabled the disparate human colonies to communicate and interact, the Federal Commonwealth of Worlds is technically an international body, rather than a sovereign government in and of itself. Over the decades it has slowly become dominant over the member system and colonial governments, and today it is perhaps the most unified interstellar government.

The Commonwealth was the driving body behind the events of the Reconquista, pursuing a policy of cultural reintegration rather than military conquest. With its central presence in Sol, it also saw the spread of Terran culture throughout many of the colonies.

The Federal Commonwealth was crippled by the War of Ascension, stripped of most of its military and industrial power and displaced from its traditional capital on Earth. Today, the official capital of the Commonwealth is in Delta Pavonis.

Politics and Diplomacy

The Federal Commonwealth is headed by three councils. The General Assembly is responsible for general legislation, budgeting, and election of officials. The Security Council is concerned with wartime strategy and defense policies. Finally, the Interstellar Tribunal deals with interstellar law, sentient rights, and resolution of conflicts between member states. Each council carries out its activities through various ministries and commissions – commissions having a higher degree of independence.

Member states within the Commonwealth, usually either planetary or national governments, typically have authority to govern as they see fit so long as they don’t violate interstellar law and comply with Federal resolutions.

The Federal Commonwealth is the oldest surviving interstellar government, and as such is well respected and influential, having stable relations with almost all their neighbors. The sole exception to this is the Central Collective, with whom the Federal Commonwealth maintains communications but persists in a state of cold war.

Federal Commonwealth of Worlds

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