The Stellar Age


With the advent of the antimatter engine, rapid interstellar travel suddenly became possible, enabling crews to arrive at distant stars within a timeframe through which cryostasis technology could reasonably sustain them. Additionally, automated probes were finally returning massive amounts of scientific and survey data on other stars and their planetary bodies.

During the Stellar Age, humanity took its first slow steps beyond the light of the Sun, and planted human footprints on strange, distant worlds.

The Stellar Age was marked by political upheaval. As both national and international governments began to grow stagnant and ineffective, corporate interests finally stepped in and created order and efficiency where there had previously been chaos and anarchy. The first of the megacorporations were born in this period.

Significant Events

Year Events
2109 The first manned interstellar flight is launched toward Alpha Centauri
2177 The first manned interstellar flight returns from Alpha Centauri
2178 The World Council organizes the Oikumene Project, with the mission of colonizing extrasolar planets
2189 The sleeper ship Indus is launched toward Luytens
2190 The sleeper ship Tiber is launched toward Lacaille
2191 The sleeper ship Byzantion is launched toward Delta Pavonis
2192 The sleeper ship Iteru is launched toward Beta Hydri
2193 The sleeper ship Huang He is launched toward Beta Canum Venaticorum
2194 The sleeper ship Verdandi is launched toward Virginis

The Stellar Age

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